Dr. Sherri Cantey


Dr. Sherri Cantey is a nurse leader with twenty-seven years of experience in emergency nursing, pain management, and nursing education. She is a full-time faculty member in the MSN program at Western Governors University, where her focus has been guiding graduate nursing students through the complexities of advanced health assessment of patients and populations. Dr. Cantey is also an emergency department staff nurse and nurse educator. She completed her doctoral education in 2012, where she graduated with distinction from the University of Southern Mississippi. Her doctoral research explored the role of vertical violence in nursing education and its potential toxicity in professional identity development. She applied Leninger’s theory to African American Mothers living with HIV in her graduate nursing thesis, and she has made numerous podium presentations on topics such as the challenges facing the future of nursing education. Dr. Cantey’s career goes beyond the classroom to her support of higher education in general and nursing specifically as a member of Sigma Theta Tau, Int., MOADN, Phi Kappa Phi, ANA/MNA, and the American Heart Association Instructor Network.

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